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Aquamor (Private) Limited is a small private research and development company based in the city of Harare, the capital of Zimbabwe. This website was originally established in 2001 to describe the work of Peter Morgan who has been involved in research and development within the rural water supply, hygiene and sanitation sector for nearly 40 years. Most of the research work, has been undertaken in Zimbabwe, but the results of this are being applied in several countries in Africa as well as Zimbabwe. The main role of Aquamor is to explore new ideas, concepts and technologies which move the “state of the art” of this sector forward.

The website has been subdivided into several sections, which include



Water technologies

In each category there are descriptive books, manuals, power points, reports, papers and photographs. Several of the developments have been recorded on other websites. The aim of this updated website is to bring these various developments together and also to provide information on where linked websites can be found.

In addition Aquamor publishes work in the area of Labour Relations. Reference to this material can be found under the heading contacts.

For interest, I also add some of the photos I have taken under the title Images of Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe has great beauty and diversity of scene.

Images of Zimbabwe

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